Cast Metal Matrix Composites Working Group

Chaired by 

Prof. Natalia Sobczak


The Cast Metal Matrix Composites Working Group is aimed to articulate a vision and an action-plan for advancing the research, development, and applications of cast metal matrix composites under the banner of WFO.

The main topics covered all relevant aspects of the science, technology, economics and practice of metal matrix composites, including (but not limited to) the overall themes of processing, property characterization, modelling and simulation, measurement techniques, experimental investigation of high-temperature phenomena in liquid metals and alloys and their interaction with ceramic reinforcements, interface design, and recycling.

Brief summary of recent activities:

In 2019, main activities were focused on the organization tasks of the 2nd International Conference on Metals, Ceramics and Composites (ICMCC-2) that took place in 25-27 September 2019, Warna, Bulgaria.

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