Moulding Materials Working Group

Chaired by 

Mr. Lou Yanchun


The Moulding Materials Working Group is aimed to promote global technical exchanges on moulding materials of foundry industry; to organize technical conference on moulding materials periodically by which establish a platform for exchanging and cooperation and enhance the global industrial influences of WFO.

Brief summary of recent activities:

With the theme Green Environmental Protection Moulding Materials and Advanced Casting Technology, WFO Moulding Materials Commission hosted the 2019 WFO International Forum on Moulding Materials and Casting Technologies in Wuhan on October 28, concurrently with the 2019 China Foundry Congress.

WFO Executive, Mr. Lou Yanchun and Dr. Carsten Kuhlgatz attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, 14 speakers representing enterprises, universities and institutes gave reports and presentations during this Forum. These reports cover wide topics of moulding materials and casting technologies and fully present the latest technical achievements in green sand and chemically bonded processes, new coatings, binders and additives, sand reclamation, 3D ink-jet core printing and printing materials and so on. About 200 delegates from moulding materials suppliers and foundries attended this event.

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