What is the WFO?

The World Foundry Organization is the recognised centre of strategic foundry knowledge, designed to develop, enhance and improve the production of metal castings; through the latest technical and sustainable industry practices.

Through the involvement of the member associations, in 30 countries the WFO creates a network of technical knowledge and resource that is a vital tool to every foundry association, foundry and foundry worker throughout the world.

The WFO is a neutral body that represents the collective needs of the members on a global stage.
The Principal and important elements of the WFO are:


Member organisation
World Foundry Congresses and Technical Forums.


The fees for the WFO are calculated on the tonnage of castings produced in the country of the member associations


Fee structure

Fees for 2022 will be: Contact General Secretary Andrew Turner: [email protected]

More than 4 Million Tonnes                             -    € 3200
Between 1 and 4 Million Tonnes                    -    € 2500
Between 200,000 and 1 Million Tonnes       -    € 1550

Less than 200,000 Tonnes                              -    € 1250

Where no organised Association or the Tonnage output is very small an associate rate for membership of €750.00 can be paid on a limited period basis and at the discretion of the Executive Board. Discounts and hardship fees can be agreed in advance and paid by the existing member association when approved by the secretariat.

Data used is based on the Casting Census published by Modern Castings in December of each year, unless specific data can be provided by the member association.

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