Working Group 4 Report

Summary Report to General Assembly
WFO working group on Training and Professional Development
WFC Japan, May 2016
Working group Aims
• To provide benchmarking of current provision in foundry specific education and training
to assist the national foundry bodies support their members and foundries in raising
knowledge and understanding of foundry processes and foundry technology.
• Develop database and provide sign-posting through WFO website for full and part-time
education programmes and training programmes that are available
• To facilitate collaboration and partnership for the development of any new training
programmes by national foundry bodies and sharing of best practice.
• To support the national foundry bodies in promoting careers in the castings industry and
increase visibility of the industry
The working group has not met since the last Technical Forum during GIFA 2015
• The UK has completed a short video entitled ‘Casting the Future’ aimed at young people
to showcase the castings industry.
This has been promoted via Facebook and other social media channels and shown at a
number of relevant industry events in the UK. It has also been made available to the
AFS and shown to other industry associations.
• Made in Steel has been prepared in Italy to promote a steel conference in 2015 but also
offers promotion of metals in everyday life and includes a large number of relevant
statistics. It is available on YouTube.
• CAEF Member Associations have begun to submit information about education and
training activities in their respective countries and this can be collated into a wider
database along with information from WFO members.
Future possible activities:
International conference on foundry and castings industry education to be held during the next
Technical Forum in South Africa.
Next meeting – proposed meeting to be held during IFF in September.

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