The World Foundry Organization celebrated its General Assembly 2023 in Portoroz, Slovenia



This meeting took place in parallel to the activities of the 63rd IFC where the WFO made an opening lecture

The annual General Assembly of the WFO took place on September 13th in the city of Portoroz, Slovenia, with a global in person and virtual attendance of representatives from nearly 20 countries. In addition to the statutory aspects approved there the international delegates followed up the developments of the active working groups and the arrangements for the next foundry events among other issues. Thus, it was officially announced Atlanta (United States) as the venue for the WFO Technical Forum in 2025. The celebration of this meeting allowed the WFO President Carsten Kuhlgatz and the WFO General Secretary José Javier González to maintain further encounters with different foundry stakeholders like WFO sponsoring companies or national representatives as well as a working meeting with Liu Hongchao, FICMES General Secretary in China, with whom they discussed several aspects of the celebration of the World Foundry Congress in Deyang in 2024.

In conjunction with this the WFO took part in the activities of the 63rd IFC hosted by the Slovenian Foundrymen Society, where Mr. Kuhlgatz and Mr. González gave a joint opening lecture focused on some proposals and thoughts linked to the actual foundry challenges of accessing new skilled professionals and the carbon net-zero objectives for foundry business.

The IFC in Portoroz was once again a great hub for the foundry industry in the area, allowing the WFO to meet some of our national foundry representatives from the surrounding countries.

The WFO would like to give special thanks to Mirjam Jan-Blazic, Sebastjan Kastelic and the team of the Slovenian Foundrymen Society for their excellent work to hold our General Assembly this year and for the successful 63rd edition of the IFC.










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