Working Group 5 -

Moulding Materials

Chaired by Mr LOU Yanchun

LOU Yanchun
Shenyang City

Tel +86 2425 85 2311

2015 WFO International Forum on Moulding Materials and Casting Technologies

The WFO Moulding Materials commission hosted the 2015 WFO International Forum on Moulding Materials and Casting Technologies in China. the Forum brought together the world-leading researchers in the area of moulding materials.  The papers supplied on various topics included information on the state of the technology in : raw sand (silica and non-silica sands); clay bonded sand (greensand); sodium silicate bonded sand (CO2, gas cured, organic ester cured); resin bonded sand (furan, phenol aldehyde, urethane and coated resin sands); coatings; moulding and core making technologies and equipment; sand preparation technologies and equipment; sand reclamation technologies and equipment; perspective on moulding materials' marketing; green, digitised and informationised casting technologies; energy saving and environmental protection technologies; new moulding materials and their applications.

In total 36 high quality papers by a range of International Speakers were presented and 10 poster presentations were seen too. A selection of paper abstracts can be seen on the technical papers page of this site.

Proceedings from the conference are available from the WFO secretary for a small charge to cover administration and postage. please contact Andrew Turner

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