Sad loss


It is with regret that the WFO announces the death of former president and current Executive Board member Prof Itsuo Ohnaka.

Prof Ohnaka was a long-standing supporter of the WFO and was present at many Executive Board meetings, World Foundry Congresses and WFO Technical Forums. He was president of the organization in 1995, the year in which he presided over the World Foundry Congress in China.  He has also been actively involved with the development of the organisation as an elected member of the Executive Board from Japan for many years. He was still an active member of the Board and has been instrumental in recent years in the preparation for the upcoming World Foundry Congress in Nagoya, Japan to be held in May this year.

Prof Ohnaka was a leading academic specialising in simulation techniques at Osaka University and he served on the editorial board of the ‘International Journal of Cast Metals Research’.  He was also a Past President of both the Japan Foundry Society and the Japanese Foundry Engineering Society.

WFO General Secretary Andrew Turner said: “His passing is a great shock to his colleagues and many friends at the WFO and in its many member associations.  He has always offered very wise counsel and has been an influential participant in WFO meetings and events.  His contributions will be sorely missed.  The WFO would like to express its condolences to his family, friends and colleagues from around the world.”

Prof Ohnaka died on 6th January 2016. A farewell ceremony will be held in Higashi Toyonaka St Michael’s Church on 9th January.


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